Take Pride Statewide is a three-year program for litter prevention education in Alabama that begins with the conference in August. Sponsor’s logo or name will appear on all printed materials for the conference and for the three-year campaign.

The three year program will include, but is not limited to:

  • The Auntie Litter Educators will expand from the current five to ten to cover ten school districts as designated by the Alabama Department of Education presentations for schools, clubs, scouts, and businesses. They will also assist the Take Pride Statewide representatives with their educational outreach programs and events.
  • “Eco-mercials” to air in all the major television markets of Alabama (Huntsville, Birmingham, Mobile, and Dothan). These 30 second segments will educate the audience in a fun and positive way about what they can do to protect our land, water, and air.
  • Volunteers, called the “Friends of Auntie Litter”, will conduct a learning experience each month for public and private schools on an environmental topic for the children.  These volunteers will wear an official green and white striped shirt with navy pants (to compliment Auntie Litter’s wardrobe).  He/She will have a “kit” developed by Auntie Litter, Inc. that contains hands-on projects, including reusing, reducing waste, recycling, conservation, and litter. Examples of these projects include making a bird feeder out of a used two liter soda bottle or learning how to save energy.  The children will receive reinforcement materials to take home that will allow them to “teach” their parents what they learned.
  • During this three year program, Auntie Litter, Inc. will serve a resource for these community programs offering telephone and email support, as well as, site visits.
  • New materials will be created annually and distributed among the participating groups.
  • Litterbags will be supplied at Alabama’s Welcome Centers for travelers.