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Build A Bird Feeder – 3 Easy Steps

    1. Use a 3-liter plastic bottle. Ask an adult to help with this part. Cut 4 holes on sides of bottle for birds to feed out of  and you can refill the feeder.
    2. Make small slits (like an X), 1 inch under the holes, and slide a dowel through them. Use an eye screw through the cap of the bottle or a nylon cord looped to hang
    3. Fill your feeder with birdseed and hang outside near a window.
      Watch the different birds that come!

Sand Sculpture in Glass Jar

Here’s what you’ll needSand Sculpture:

  • Small, clean baby food jar
  • Dry sand (sugar or oats will work too)
  • Box of colored chalk
  • Plates

You’ll be coloring the sand with the chalk, so put a small amount of sand on each plate- one for each of the selected colors.

Rub one color of chalk through the sand in one plate. It will start to grate and color the sand. Do the same for each color.

With your jar, start making layers of colored sand, a little at a time. Keep doing this until you have completely filled the jar at the top. If it is not totally packed, the sand will shift. Be sure to cap the jar tightly. You can pain or decorate the jar lids too.

Auntie’s Ball in the Jug

Here’s a project that can provide hours of REUSABLE fun. You will need:

  • An empty one-gallon plastic milk jug
  • An old sock
  • An old stocking
  • A two-foot piece of string
  • Scissors

Cut off the bottom of the mil jug starting just handle, so that it looks like a big scoop. Put the sock in the stocking and tie it in a knot to form a ball. Attach one end of the sting to the ball and the other to the jug handle. Now try to catch the ball with the jug. Or, you and a friend can remove the string and toss the ball from scoop to scoop.