Take Pride Statewide – The Conference for Litter Prevention


Auntie Litter’s goal is to reduce litter through education.  By teaching communities throughout Alabama in litter prevention techniques, more towns can Take Pride Statewide.  The Take Pride Statewide Committee is choosing three programs from 2008-2009 to honor for their litter-prevention message along with one volunteer who really made a difference.

Programs will be judged on results including amount of recycled materials, amount of education materials distributed to the public, the number of people taught the Take Pride message, etc.  Collateral materials (photos, printed pieces, press clippings, etc.) should be provided.


Best Children’s Program
What program specifically for children was used to promote a clean and healthy environment?  This could be through a school, scout troop, church, etc.

Best Community-wide Program
What program for the entire community promoted a clean and healthy environment?

Best Special Event
What one-day event promoted a clean and healthy environment?  This could be a recycling collection, clean-up day, or any other “Green” event.

Best Volunteer
What one person or group has made a difference in the campaign for a clean and healthy environment?