Earth We’re In It Together

Discuss how people and animals must live together in harmony to protect our environment.


Primary – Make a Bookmark
Have students collect used envelopes. Provide magic markers, crayons, glitter, and glue. Using the bottom corner of the envelope, measure one inch from the corner in each direction and place a mark. Draw a line connecting the two marks and cut. This will form a pocket that will fit over the corner of a book’s page to hold one’s place when reading. Repeat procedure on opposite corner for a second bookmark. Let students decorate the front and back of the triangle shapes with animal stickers or drawings.

Intermediate – Make Your Own Plastic Bird Feeder
Materials: one empty, clean 3 liter plastic drink bottle with lid, two 12″ long, 1/2″ wide dowel rods, one eye-screw, markers, scissors, and a nylon cord for hanging. 1. To position the first dowel rod, mark an “x” on opposite sides of the lower portion of the bottle. Make a slit on the two “x” markings and slide rod through the bottle. 2. For the second dowel rod, repeat the previous procedure slightly lower than the first dowel rod going in the opposite direction. 3. Draw a 4″ oval window above each dowel rod leaving a ˝” space between the dowel hole and the window. 4. Screw an eye-hook into the metal top and attach the nylon cord to hang. 5. Fill bottom of feeder with bird seed. 1