We’re Growing…

3ALsAuntie Litter, Inc. Expands into
Virginia and Alabama

Are you passionate about the environment and have teaching experience? You may have what it takes to be an Auntie Litter educator. Write a letter explaining why you want to be an Auntie Litter educator and send along a resume. You can send them by email by clicking on the envelope button below or by mail to: Auntie Litter, Inc. Suite 304 – Birmingham.

Auntie Litter is currently looking for new educators across Alabama. If you are from another state and want to be an Auntie Litter educator, send us a resume and we’ll be in touch as the program continues expanding.

To schedule an AUNTIE LITTER program for your organization or to learn more about AL Educator requirements, please call AUNTIE LITTER.