Fun Activities for Earth Day! Plan an Assembly!

Hey Teachers.

Auntie Litter wants to help you plan an assembly with your class to celebrate Earth Day in April.

  • Choose 2-3 songs from our new Sing for Earth Day CD/DVD pack to open and close the program and add one in the middle. Have your students learn the easy hand and foot movements for these songs by watching and singing along with Auntie Litter and the Pollution Patrol on the DVD.
  • Let your students read their original poems
  • Give the audience some Earth saving tips (conservation tips)
  • Show the audience how to make Auntie Litter’s “Ball in the Jug” game from a milk jug (see Kids Page).
  • Show the audience how to make a bird feeder from a 3 liter plastic drink bottle .
  • Use Auntie Litter’s ABC for the USA poem (see kids page) as a learning tool for the audience. Have your students each hold one letter of the alphabet. Tell the audience that you will recite the poem and then they will recite it when you are finished. As you recite the poem, point to each letter as it is highlighted in the poem. If you mount the letters onto cards, you can create a secret message on the backs. Spell out “Save the Environment!” and remember to put blank spaces between each word. When the students finish reciting the poem, ask your 26 students to flip the cards over to show the hidden message to the audience. Let the audience read it out load.

Spread the Word

Ask the local grocery store if they will donate their large paper sacks for your students to decorate. Have the students colorfully decorate them with positive messages or tips on how to save our environment. (Make sure they don’t use materials that would damage a customer’s clothing). Return them to the store in time for Earth Day. Ask the manager to use these on Earth Day for their customers’ purchases.

Sidewalk Chalk Art

Sidewalk art is fun and it washes away when it rains. Ask the principal for permission to let students draw positive messages on the sidewalks outside of school for parents and students to read.

Trash Sculptures

Have a contest or an art show.

Ask the students to create something from reusable or recyclable materials (i.e. milk jugs, paper towel rolls, cereal box, bottle tops, etc). You can select a theme or let them choose what they want to make.