Uprima – a New Drug for ED Treatment

Most recently a new drug for potency appeared on the market – Uprima. It affects brain areas responsible for smooth muscle contraction. As a result, the drug has the same effect as Viagra, but much faster. Uprima stimulates certain brain areas to achieve smooth muscles relaxation and increase blood flow. Unlike Viagra, the new drug is not intended for ingestion. The pill is placed under the tongue and dissolved. Its effect appears after 15 minutes instead of an hour, like after sildenafil reception. Faster action is crucial for some men who prefer spontaneous acquaintances.

All sexologists point out that the vast majority of men finds it difficult to talk about impotence. It is especially hard confess reproductive system dysfunction to relatives and friends. Wife (girlfriend) begins to notice that a loved one avoids intimacy. Sometimes women have a feeling that their partner is sick. Very often there is also a suspicion that their husband got himself a new passion. Therefore it is better not to hide sexual health problems from family and doctor. Especially if today erectile dysfunction is treated quite effectively. By the way, as well as Viagra, Uprima does not work without sexual stimulation.

Erectile Dysfunction Main Cause

The main cause of erectile dysfunction is vascular occlusion, leading to penis blood flow weakening. If to force blood to fill penis, it is possible to achieve an erection. Viagra and Uprima operating principle is fairly simple and stable. By relaxing smooth muscles, these medicines provide blood flow with better access to genitals. As a result, impotence symptoms disappear. Doctors assure that this principle works for 80 – 90% of men with erectile dysfunction. If one drug does not work, another one is likely to help.

As it was already mentioned, erectile dysfunction main cause is blood vessels occlusion. Smoking, alcohol abuse, heart problems, serious diseases (e. g., diabetes) can lead to poor arteries permeability and, as a consequence, to impotence. Appeared due to this psychological and emotional disorders further complicate the problem. Not surprisingly that medications for erection have become so popular.

Can Uprima Substitute Viagra?

uprimaThe researchers say that this new drug should not be considered as a substitution for Viagra. It is intended only to help people for whom sildenafil was ineffective. When Viagra is not able to relax penile smooth muscles directly, perhaps Uprima can do it. Both drugs principle of action is quite simple. But both of them are capable of causing side effects and harm the body if used incorrectly.

Uprima appointment is carried out in accordance with the most stringent regulations applicable to all drugs for potency. They prohibit to prescribe the drug to people who take certain medicines, as well as suffering from a number of diseases such as diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, hepatic or renal insufficiency, spinal cord injuries and others. Before prescribing the drug, a doctor should measure blood pressure, set blood sugar level, assess the overall state of health. It is necessary to make sure that the drug will not appear harmful to the body.

What was Uprima Originally Created for?

It is interesting, that both drugs mentioned in the article were originally intended for other purposes. Viagra was developed to treat heart diseases, but with the help of Uprima, doctors hoped to treat Parkinson’s disease. In one study, scientists noticed that the drug helps to achieve an erection. Doctors warn that both drugs can cause side effects. After Viagra use there is sometimes appear:

  • flushing;
  • nasal stuffiness;
  • joints or muscles pains.

Uprima may cause sickness or dizziness.

Due to enormous spread of erectile dysfunction problem constant researches on new medicines that improve the potency are carried out. The most promising is now considered Cialis. It works on the same principle as that of Viagra and Uprima (relaxes smooth muscles). But causes less side effects, and its action lasts longer. Due to these properties, Cialis medication was called «for the weekend». Statistically, it helps in 85% of cases. If Cialis didn’t help you, try Viagra or Uprima.