Impotence, or Erectile Dysfunction. Causes, Prevention and Treatment

Almost every representative of a strong half of humanity is afraid of facing the problem of impotence, both young men, and aged people – everyone has the same chances. Having this illness they are impossible to manage a normal sexual relationship with a partner, and it becomes a real tragedy.

If you treat medical terminology carefully, you find out that the meaning that patients invest in the term “impotence”, and how doctors and urologists-andrologists call this condition are different. From the doctors’ point of view, impotence is a man’s inability to manage the full sexual intercourse, what is met rarely in practice, but they indicate an erectile dysfunction. The term “erectile dysfunction” refers to the inability of the body to provide or maintain a normal penile erection. If you have an erectile dysfunction (impotence), you may still have the ability to manage a sexual intercourse, but with very great difficulty and reservations.

Recent researches carried out by doctors in many countries revealed that the impotence problem can affect any man over the age of 40 years, and noted a marked tendency to “rejuvenation” of the disease. Men aged 25-35 years old face the problem of erectile dysfunction more often nowadays, and there are some cases when impotence complicates the life of twenty-years-old representatives of a strong half of mankind.

The Mechanism of Erectionin a bed

The penile erection is achieved by blood filling of the spongy and two cavernous bodies – anatomical structures, which resemble a sponge in their structure. If you have a sexual arousal, the flow of blood through the arteries of the penis sharply increases, at the same time the outflow through the veins of the penis is dramatically impeded – the cavities in the spongy and cavernous bodies are filled with blood, causing an erection. In case of violation of normal inflows and a sharp increase in the venous outflow, there may be problems with erection, which can be caused by a variety of factors.

The Causes of Impotencedepressed

Research on the impotence problem has proven that sexual problems cause a very small number of impotence cases (less than 20% of the total number of this pathological conditions). More often, impotence is developed on the background of diseases and pathological conditions that exist in the patient’s body, while using certain medications, as a consequence of injuries a person suffers throughout his life.

Quite often there is a psychological impotence, which can exist alone or impose health problems that exist in the patient’s body – constant stress and depression can lead to the fact that impotence in young age arises more often. Unfortunately, young men rarely seek the help of doctors in time.Today the pharmacy network offers a great number of drugs to treat erectile dysfunction (impotence), and even a fairly high price of the drugs does not stop the representatives of a strong half of humanity. If you want to get the high-quality drugs at the reasonable prices.

You must remember that the hormonal problems cause impotence rarely, but man cannot exclude this cause without conducting a comprehensive examination of their health.


viagra pillsOften the causes of impotence hide in the prescribed medications that affect the endocrine system organs and indirectly affect the production of sex hormones.One can not exclude this factor without consulting a doctor, but always need to remember that drugs that influence the secretion of sex hormones are prescribed only in the cases of really serious diseases (for the treatment of prostate cancer, breast cancer in men).

The appointment of drugs acting on the processes of excitation and inhibition in the cerebral cortex, any means enhancing the severity of the braking process (including – alcohol, psychotropic drugs, narcotic substances action) can cause impotence.
Use of drugs that affect the conduction of impulses in the cells of the nervous system can be administered for the treatment of degenerative disc disease and its complications, spinal injuries, diseases of the nervous system.

Diseases of the Blood Circulatory System

Impotence may occur in lesions of arteries, careening blood to the cavernous bodies of the penis, and the veins, regulating the outflow. The most common cause of impotence, in this case, is a common atherosclerotic process which affects the abdominal aorta and vessels, or varicose of veins, accompanied by dysfunction of the body’s veins.

System processes in the body – diabetes, hypertension, diseases of the blood – are able to some extent indirectly influence the occurrence of erectile dysfunction, and become a cause of impotence.

Local penis diseases are sclerotic processes in the spongy tissue of the penis – make an erection unproductive, and then – completely impossible.

Psychogenic Causes of Impotence

stressful situationsThis group of reasons contains:

  • all the other problems arising from the background of constant stress;
  • physical stress;
  • impossibility to build a correct model of sexual behavior and translate it into reality;
  • reluctance to use contraceptives and the fear of pregnancy;
  • fear of infection with sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS.

Only after identifying the true causes of impotence a doctor can prescribe the necessary treatment, but treatment methods must be chosen only by a qualified doctor – a urologist or an andrologist.

How we solve the Problem of Impotence? Advanced Troubleshooting Abilities

In the arsenal of modern medicine, there are many methods of treating impotence that is selected on the basis of the patient’s age, on the results of a comprehensive survey, the presence of concomitant diseases and even the wishes of men.

Doctor and patientImpotence, emerged at a young age, necessarily require psychological counseling and full medical examination – more often not only psychological disorders are responsible for the development of impotence, but also diseases of the body (tumor-forming organs, blood clotting). We can not exclude the fact that a lifestyle of a men causes impotence at a relatively young age. These are bad habits, addiction, and substances abuse – these are “leaders” among the causes. In this case, treatment of impotence requires non-factor, which has become the cause of diseases, and all other methods of modern medicine (drugs introduced into the body of the penis or taken orally) are effective only a very short time.

Psychological impotence requires mandatory consultation of the sexologist, who is able to understand the possible causes of this condition and offer the best way out of this situation – such consultation is intended to solve the man’s problem, but also the problems of the couple (spouses or partners) and only on an individual basis. No self-respecting sexologist can give any recommendations without personal examination of the patient – he will advise applying for an individual consultation.